How did your network start?

The Aurora Community of Faith was formed several years ago as a group of Church and faith based organization leaders who partner with the City on issues and projects that were mutually beneficial. After the first couple of years the organization drifted in focus and fewer and fewer people participated. In 2010 a group of pastors decided that the organization could be valuable in connecting leaders and organizations and that the unique relationship with the city needed to be maintained. The group was re-energized around agreed upon causes… homelessness, education, law enforcement and recovery from the Theater Shootings. The Aurora Community of Faith is seeking to bring churches, organizations and the local government together to work on solutions to these complicated issues.

What are you focused on now?

It is also understood that working together on these issues will also foster relationships that would and could spill over to other areas on mutual interest. As a result, several informal networking relationships have been developed between churches and leaders. There are a number of collaborative efforts taking place in the community because of the relationships that have been built.

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Reid Hettich