How did your network start?

Broomfield Pastors have been meeting together in one form or other for several years, but things really picked up in 2012 when we decided to not just meet together, but to collaborate for the benefit of the city. We began discussions on common gaps and under resourced populations and began to address them one by one. We started by working with Single Mothers and their households. It began as a monthly meeting, and now includes an annual resource fair with 35+ vendors. We have recently added Broomfield Buddies – a collaborative effort between Broomfield churches and local school administrators to provide early intervention for students falling through the gaps. This Summer we hosted our new Mayor and listened to his vision for the city and then simply responded, “This is a room of your faith leaders. Ask us to do something for the city.” We are in conversations with the Mayor and staff about ongoing needs. Our core team of Broomfield Pastors is about 8 people, but we’ve had up to 28 attend a gathering.

What are you focused on now?

We’ve been kicking around affordable housing for several years, but we think it is time to tangibly move forward with a plan. We’re beginning meetings now to address housing from emeregency to home ownership for low income people. We’re also having more strategic conversations with City leaders about gaps and needed resources – what many would call “community conversations.” While affordable housing is a huge need and is overwhelming to most folks, we believe it is our next step as a faith community, as well as strengthening our other works for single parents and at risk students.


Steve Cuss