East Littleton

How did your network start?

Our church network here in East Littleton started with a group of five pastors praying for our city. As we have continued to consistently meet together over the years for prayer for each other and the city, this small group has grown to an average of 20 to 25 pastors and ministry leaders from the Littleton proper area. There is more work to be done, but the majority of churches and non-profits are involved in at least some capacity. Connections with the city government and business has been slower, but slowly growing.

What are you focused on now?

One practical expression of collaboration is a joint worship service in Clement Park every summer. Another is a chaplain program with the police department that has emerged and is still growing. Also, a few events, including a back to school program for the elementary schools, join the city, businesses, and the faith community for a common cause. A seniors ministry and a severe weather network have emerged through the works of Love INC and their connected churches, both of which continue to do well. North Littleton Promise is a thriving ministry that is supported by 13 different churches and helps immigrant children in the Northeast Littleton area connect to mentoring and afterschool programs. Going forward, we would like to continue to strengthen the bonds of the church here in Littleton while also grow sustainable trust and relationships with the city and businesses as we target the biggest needs in our areas, which include the Northeast section of the city, schools, and seniors.


Contact Info

Jon Buck