How did your network start? 

Edgewater Collective began in March 2013 out of a desire to rally the Edgewater community around its schools. Local pastor Joel Newton organized the Edgewater Art Walk along with community partners and realized there were community assets in Edgewater that could be connected to the needs within the local public schools. So in November 2013, Joel left his pastor job to work full-time for Edgewater Collective and strategize how to best invest in our local schools and families. Though Joel worked as pastor, it was important to position Edgewater Collective as a “common good” organization instead of a faith-based organization. Edgewater Collective is committed to working with anyone who wants to see thriving schools and families.

What are you focused on now?

Our mission is to bring together our community to help all kids succeed from cradle to career. We believe that by aligning all community stakeholders around a common vision and keeping them accountable to goals and indicators, all children can succeed from cradle to career. Currently, we have aligned over 30 Community Partners around common goals and are deciding upon next steps as we work together to see all kids succeed from cradle to career.

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