How did your network start?

Much of the collaboration in Golden began with four pastors praying together regularly. Over time, this developed into a unity of nine churches in the city, now called the Together Church of Golden whose main focus, in addition to prayer and worship, is serving the community. As needs emerged, the Together Church of Golden sought to develop partnerships with local government, businesses, service clubs and non-profits, in order to foster effective collaboration. These emerging relationships led to the establishment of ongoing “Community Conversations”, where representatives from all segments of the community meet on a periodic basis to talk about, then act upon addressing specific needs within the community, such as alleviating childhood hunger.

What are you focused on now?

Golden’s focus includes the ongoing development of connections and partnerships between government, school, non-profit, service club and faith leaders, in order to bring about meaningful and lasting change for the health and well-being of all those who live in the community. A current focus is moving the community into conversations around transformation, while engaging the members of Golden into solutions for change. Strengthening communication through ongoing “Community Conversations” and the website is another focus. We are celebrating the growth and development of the Neighborhood Rehab Project and our campaign as well as some recent collaborative efforts around creating a “Hunger Free Golden”.


Contact info

Bethany Thomas

Dan Thoemke