How did your network start?

In 2003 Jim Walters, from Bear Valley Church invited pastors from dozens of Lakewood area churches to pray together. From that meeting a group of a pastors emerged who continued meeting for prayer. In 2007 Reg Cox, from Lakewood Church of Christ began coordinating and organizing monthly pastor prayer and a quarterly pastor lunch. The Lakewood Church Network (LCN) now collaborates with schools, business leaders, civic leaders and Home Owners Associations to serve the needs of the city.

What are you focused on now?

Activities of the LCN includes a monthly prayer meeting at different member churches, church unity enhanced through a quarterly pastor lunch, being involved in community conversations about local neighbourhood needs and being involved in various elementary school support programs. In 2013 the LCN helped a local Lakewood elementary school secure a $338,000 grant through helping in fundraising and community goodwill activities to complete a restoration of a broken sports field at the school (

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